Mindjet releases MindManager 8 with major enhancements

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Mindjet releases MindManager 8 with major enhancementsMindjet is releasing MindManager 8 and MindManager Web, two new products that help individuals save significant amounts of time, conquer information overload and become more effective. Additionally, Mindjet is introducing powerful publishing capabilities with the all-new Mindjet Player. For the first time, fully interactive MindManager mind maps can be freely shared so anyone can discover the power of mind mapping and unlock its potential to create breakthroughs in productivity and innovation.

MindManager 8 is an application that allows users to map ideas and information visually, starting with a central topic surrounded by subtopics arranged on lines (branches). The map is a visual diagram that imitates the creator's thoughts, with the interactive benefits of embedded data, live hyperlinks, collaboration capabilities, and much more. Mindject describes MindManager as an indispensable fifth productivity application, along with the word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and email. While integrating with and augmenting all of these applications, MindManager 8 enables users to capture, organise and act upon limitless ideas, data and knowledge without ever leaving the mind map. According to Mindjet, millions of people use MindManager to manage projects, develop plans, create presentations and accomplish countless other tasks.

Online collaboration

MindManager Web is an all-new elegant way to mind map and collaborate with others online. MindManager Web is a SaaS (software as a service) application that transforms outline-oriented text documents into visually compelling maps. Users can edit maps anywhere and at anytime, co-edit maps with others and pick who can access the maps within secure workspaces. MindManager Web is fully compatible with MindManager desktop software, and entering new topics and subtopics is as simple as hitting the Enter or Insert key.

MindManager 8, a desktop Windows application, is said to constitute a milestone release of the world's most popular mind mapping program. Working together with the Mindjet Player and MindManager Web, it eliminates the old barriers that have hindered the sharing of mind maps by making it easy for people to co-create and broadcast their fully interactive mind maps. It provides an effective way for individuals to collaborate and save time in the exchange of information.

Mark Levitt, programme vice president for Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 strategies at IDC, comments: "MindManager 8 is a game changer for Mindjet and mind mapping tools. Mindjet has addressed one of the biggest hurdles facing mind mapping technology today: the inability to share fully functional maps with people who do not own the product. Mindjet Player and MindManager Web will help many more individuals and organisations see the benefits of using mind mapping for getting information work done faster, better, smarter."

Time savings

Studies conducted internally by Fortune 500 companies document savings of up to 11 hours per week among workers who use MindManager to develop strategies, manage projects, prepare for meetings and perform many other tasks. Workers benefit from better clarity of thought, faster yet more informed decisions, and an overall increase in time spent on strategic initiatives when incorporating MindManager into their daily routines.

Scott Raskin, Mindjet CEO, states: "From day one we have had a mission: help eliminate information overload and improve productivity. This is a great milestone for Mindjet as we significantly raise the bar for productivity increases and collaboration with MindManager 8 and MindManager Web. In this unpredictable economy, only those who find new and better ways of managing their ideas and information and collaborating with others will survive. These two new products are transformative for people who want to make an impact, and Mindjet is working day and night to help people reach that goal."

New in MindManager 8

The new capabilities in MindManager 8 include:

  • Mindjet Player – Transforms maps into fully interactive Adobe PDFs or Flash .SWF files. They can be shared with anyone, published to blogs and embedded in web pages.
  • Embedded Browser – Maps now incorporate a browser window so users can view web pages and PDF documents without leaving MindManager.
  • Integrated Microsoft Office File Editing – Users can view and edit attached Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint files from within MindManager's embedded browser, thereby eliminating the need to leave the map and launch a separate application.
  • Integrated Web Services – Google and Yahoo! searches can be initiated directly inside a map, with mapped and editable search results that can be refreshed with one click or automatically updated each time the map is opened. MindManager 8 can also search Amazon, Facebook, MySpace, Microsoft Live Search, eBay and StrikeIron.
  • Searchable Maps – Maps created with MindManager are fully searchable by many popular desktop search applications. This includes the contents of maps and also all of the attached documents.
  • Automated Task Management – No more hours wasted updating due dates and dependencies when a task varies from its original schedule. Automated task management provides instant summations of task start dates, end dates, level of completion and exception management.
  • Database Linker – Real time information from spreadsheets and databases can be incorporated right into maps. MindManager can now access data from MS Excel, Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL.

Pricing and availability

English and German versions of MindManager 8 are available immediately. French and Japanese versions will be available in early 2009. MindManager Web is immediately available in English, German, French and Japanese.

Single-seat perpetual licenses for MindManager 8 are £199 with upgrades from previous versions of MindManager starting at £99. Promotional upgrades are £79 between now and 31 December 2008.

MindManager Web/Mindjet Connect packages are £8 per user per month with a one-year subscription.

All purchasers of MindManager 8 between 11 November 2008 and 31 December 2008 will receive a free six-month subscription to MindManager Web.

Mindjet’s products are available for immediate trial or purchase at

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