Heason introduces precision-grade planetary gearboxes

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ZF Industrial's Servoplan PG precision-grade planetary gearboxes are available in the UK from Heason Technology Limited. Aimed at demanding servomotor drive applications, with ratios between 3:1 and 100:1 and output torques from 25 to 3000Nm, the low-backlash German-manufactured gearboxes are fully interchangeable with other major brand servo gearboxes. The modular design provides for a wide choice of mounting and output shaft configurations as well as assembly to almost all brushed and brushless servomotors, including Danaher's AKM series, which is available through Heason.

Offered in six single-stage sizes for a reduction ratio to 10:1 and five dual-stage designs for up 100:1, the range uses taper roller bearings and an optimised gear tooth form for high torque combined with low noise and low heat dissipation. The backlash specification can be less than two arc-minutes under optimal conditions. A typical service life of 20,000+ hours is quoted with minimal maintenance thanks to the PG's IP65 sealed and lubricated-for-life housing.

For less demanding applications and where the price/performance ratio needs to be optimised for OEM applications, Heason can also supply the ZF-PGE range, which has a similar sealed housing construction but utilises a precision ball bearing system providing up to 670Nm torque capacity with ratios to 100:1. The PGE range can suit servo and fractional horsepower motors.

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