Sinamics S110 AC servo converter is highly versatile

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Siemens' new AC servo converter is a new addition to the company's Sinamics range and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Sinamics S110 can be used for simple pick-and-place and feeding tasks as well as with rotary indexing tables. This converter is also suitable for robotic and handling applications, feeders in printing and paper machines, and for ejectors in injection moulding machines. Further possible uses include tool positioning in machining stations and positioning tasks in wind and solar applications.

Available with Profibus DP or CANopen interfaces, the newly developed CU305 control unit forms the basis of the drive functionality and intelligence of the Sinamics S110. The single-axis converter can be quickly and flexibly integrated into various automation structures, including existing equipment where retrofitting is necessary.

A basic operator panel (BOP) can be added to the control unit for operating and diagnostics. The type PM340 power modules are the same size as the existing Sinamics S120 AC/AC series, making them compatible for configuration and connection, and facilitating system-wide options and simplifying spare part inventories. The power modules are blocksize format, available in frame sizes FSA to FSF and a 0.12 to 90kW power range. The power modules are suitable for connection to both grounded and non-grounded networks.

Integrated basic positioner

One of the key functions of the Sinamics S110 is the integrated basic positioner (EPos). Classic positioning functions, such as relative and absolute traversing with specified velocity and acceleration, can therefore be realised just as quickly as more complex functions, such as on-the-fly positioning and referencing. Users can save up to 16 target positions or traverse paths in the drive, including the relevant motion parameters. The individual traversing blocks can be brought together in traversing programs. Target positions and velocities as well as additional motion parameters can be changed at all times, even during a positioning traverse. The in-built monitoring of traversing range limits, following error and standstill indicate possible overrunning or malfunctions in good time, and make a significant contribution to the high level of operational reliability of a machine driven in this way.

Meeting the requirements of category 3 as defined in EN 954 1 and Safety Integrated Level 2 as defined in EN 61508, the single servo offers not only the basic but also the advanced integrated safety functions of the Sinamics drive line. This enables safety concepts conforming to standards to be very easily and economically realised without complex additional circuits. The safety functions are controlled via three safe inputs and one safe output (terminals) on-board the S110. When integrated into a total automation system, it can also be controlled via the Profisafe profile.

Synchronous motors, in particular the Siemens 1FK and 1FT series (which have been tested in interaction), 1PH and 1LA asynchronous motors, and third-party motors can be operated in Servo Control mode, with or without encoder feedback. The encoder is connected via the integrated Sinamics line Drive Cliq interface. An HTL/TTL interface is also integrated to enable conventional HTL/TTL and SSI encoders to be connected and operated. After being electrically connected, the drive line-up is ready for operation – without manual input of motor characteristics – in combination with motors with an electronic rating plate and connected via the Drive Cliq digital system interface. This simplifies exchange in a service case and therefore shortens downtimes. An SMC sensor module enables a wide variety of other manufacturers’ motors to be driven on this new AC drive.

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24 November 2008

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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