Optocoupler module switches 4A currents at 500Hz

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Siemens's Industry Automation Division is expanding its SIMATIC top connect system cabling to include a compact optocoupler module for facilitating quick switching of high load currents of up to 4A at 24V DC. The new unit is just 134mm wide.

The SIMATIC top connect modules enable users to connect I/O components quickly and reliably to SIMATIC S7-300 Controller input/output modules. One of the big advantages of the optocoupler technology is its high switching frequency of up to 500Hz – which compares favourably with the five to ten switching cycles per minute achieved by conventional relays.

The new eight-channel optocoupler module adapts the controllers' output signals to the power requirements of the I/O devices. The eight overload and short-circuit-proof 24V outputs are suitable for use with I/O devices with power requirements of up to 4A. The operating state of each individual channel is indicated by red and green LEDs; the red LED illuminates in the event of a wire break or an overload at the output. The unit also has two group error signalling contacts that are activated in the event of a fault. Four channels are assigned to each signalling contact. The new optocoupler module is available with screw or spring-loaded terminals.

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27 November 2008

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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