X-life spherical roller bearings - improved performance and life

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X-life spherical roller bearings - improved performance and lifeA new range of spherical roller bearings is now available that offers up to 60 per cent longer service life, higher limiting speeds, increased load ratings and lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs.

Schaeffler Group's FAG E1 spherical roller bearings with outside diameters larger than 320mm are now available in X-life premium quality versions, providing improved bearing performance. By converting the standard FAG E1 spherical roller bearings to X-life quality, customers benefit from a 15 per cent increase in load ratings, 50 per cent higher limiting running speeds and up to 60 per cent longer service life compared with their predecessors. This means that in applications where bearing performance specifications remain unchanged, customers can reduce costs by downsizing and installing smaller, more cost-effective bearings.

These improvements in quality, performance and running accuracy were achieved by developing new cages and rollers with new dimensions and crowned faces.

Schaeffler's FAG range of spherical roller bearings is suitable for demanding operating environments, particularly for applications in which very high load-carrying capacity and reliability are key design criteria.

About spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are double-row, self-containing units that comprise solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings and barrel rollers with cages. The inner rings have cylindrical or tapered bores. The symmetrical barrel rollers position themselves freely on the concave outer raceway, which compensates for any shaft misalignment or flexing. Spherical roller bearings support axial forces in both directions and high radial loads.

These bearings are designed for very high load-carrying capacity and, because they are designed with the optimum number of large barrel rollers, are also suitable for heavy loads. Also, due to the close contact between the rollers and raceways, uniform stress distribution is achieved in the bearing.

X-life quality

Many bearing sizes within Schaeffler's spherical roller bearing range can now be converted to X-life quality. These bearings have no central rib on the inner ring and are therefore able to use longer barrel rollers. In addition, the bearings benefit from improved kinematics, optimised surfaces and are made from higher-performance materials. As a result, the basic dynamic load rating and basic rating life (under identical operating conditions) is significantly improved. Of course this means that in some applications a more compact and less expensive bearing arrangement can be designed.

For customers, these benefits translate into higher machine availability, new design possibilities, more economical bearing supports due to downsizing and lower operating costs due to reduced energy consumption.

These bearings, which are made from superior quality materials, are developed using the most up-to-date kinematics technology and software. Performance improvements were made possible by modifying and improving the bearing contact geometry and bearing kinematics. This included adding longer rollers with larger diameters, which results in higher load ratings.

Lubrication improvement

Surface improvements on the rolling elements also enable a lubrication film that is capable of supporting even higher loads. Improved osculation conditions and additional profiles further optimise the rolling contact. Modified osculation and precise rib geometry increase the load carrying capacity of the rib contact. A new sheet metal cage, with improved roller guidance and lubrication support, reduces wear and extends the life of the bearing.

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