Origo Mig 3001i welding machines suit high-alloy materials

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Origo Mig 3001i welding machines suit high-alloy materialsESAB is launching the Origo Mig 3001i welding machines for efficient welding of high-alloy materials in demanding applications. Depending on the control panel used, these compact, versatile machines are suitable for MIG, MAG, pulse MIG, MMA and TIG welding, plus carbon arc gouging.

Typically, the 300A Origo Mig 3001i machines will be used for fabrication in mild or stainless steel, advanced fabrication in aluminium, prefabrication in the offshore and shipbuilding industries, production of white goods, and vehicle manufacturing. In addition, they are suitable for use in the aerospace and nuclear industries, and for prefabrication of nickel-based alloys. Customers have a choice of air- and water-cooled models to suit different applications and duties.

ESAB's TrueArcVoltage system, in combination with an ESAB PSF torch, ensures that the weld is always created at the correct voltage, regardless of any voltage drop in the cables - even when long cables are used to give a working radius of 50m or more.

As well as being highly capable, the Origo Mig 3001i machines are also very robust. For example, they benefit from a rugged galvanised steel chassis, a power source based on high-reliability IGBT technology and a CAN bus that reduces the amount of wiring.

A further feature is the integral ESAB LogicPump (ELP) that automatically circulates cooling water when a water-cooled torch is connected to any of the following wire feed units: Origo Feed 3004/4804w; Aristo Feed 3004/4804w; or Yard Feed 2000w.

Customers can choose between the Origo MA23 and MA24 control panels for simpler applications, and the Aristo U6 and U8 panels for sophisticated applications (depending on the feeder used). The U8, for example, gives users access to over 200 preinstalled synergic lies, making it quick and easy to set the welder correctly. There is also a memory for storing up to 255 sets of welding parameters. Other functions available with the U8 panel include adjustable Hot Start, crater fill and 2/4 stroke. For MIG welding with near-TIG quality, the U8 also supports ESAB's SuperPulse technology.

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