Tig torches offer higher performance and longer life

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Tig torches offer higher performance and longer lifeMurex Welding Products is launching a new TIG torch range, which includes models designed for high performance and long life. Each torch features materials and a head design to give better cooling life while high quality hoses also ensure long service in the field.

Within the range, the smallest torch is the TG123, a 125A air-cooled torch fitted with a gas valve. The TG153 and TG153F, both 150A air-cooled torches, are on the next level. The TG153F is provided with a flexible head for difficult access. The largest air-cooled torches are the TG203 and TG203V, the latter being fitted with a gas valve.

There are four TIG water-cooled torches with the 250A, TW253 version offering a minimum water flow rate of 1.2l/min. For heavy-duty welding, the TW451 and TW452 both give maximum current 450A DC, 350A AC.

Other features of the range include special Teflon gaskets to ensure gas-tight construction; a separate torch switch, latching torch switch and switch boot options are also offered. For the 153/203 torches, a spot weld kit is available.

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