Innovative SNK terminal blocks deliver multiple benefits

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Innovative SNK terminal blocks deliver multiple benefitsABB claims to be revolutionising the market for DIN rail screw clamp terminal blocks with its new SNK range. With seven patented features, the SNK series gives users a comprehensive selection of electrical connection devices offering a wider range of options in a vastly reduced number of variants.

With just 220 terminals and accessories, the new range is around 75 per cent smaller than competitors' ranges, yet SNK terminal blocks are said to be available for every need. With many large sites having thousands of terminal blocks installed, the SNK range makes it easier for users to select the correct variant for their requirements as quickly as possible.

One way in which this has been achieved is through the development of a single version that meets all of the leading conformity assessment standards, including ATEX, UL, UL94 V0, Gost and CSA, as well as being RoHS compliant. This eliminates the need for separate blocks for each standard and makes it easier for users to ensure they have the correct device installed. Compliance with UL94 V0 as standard also makes the SNK suitable for use in railway applications.

Range availability

The SNK series is available in sizes from 4mm2 to 95mm2 as feed-through terminals, accepting cables down to 0.2mm. With the 4mm4 models being the same width as competitors' 2.5mm2 terminal blocks, ABB has avoided the need to manufacture products specifically for 2.5mm2 cables. Double-deck and disconnect versions are also available in both 4mm2 and an optional 6mm2 size if required. Completing the range are fuse terminals, which accept 5x20mm and 5x25mm fuses.

A further reduction in the number of variants has been achieved by the creation of just three endplate options, with a single option covering all sizes up to 16mm.

One of the key features of the SNK terminal range is the reduced physical size, with terminal width reduced by up to 3mm. In a typical installation, this could add up to a total space saving of up to 25 per cent, enabling users to reduce the overall size of their enclosures, thereby saving both space and cost. This reduction in size has been achieved without affecting the product's conformity to the IEC 60947-7-1 standard for wiring connections. Furthermore, clever design features have been incorporated to improve the terminal block's stiffness and reduce the risk of distortion during tightening of the screws clamps.

To help reduce wiring times, SNK terminals feature an optimised cable guide to ensure cables are properly inserted, with up to two cables able to be fitted to each terminal. As a further aid to fast installation, up to 10 blocks can be locked together at a time, yet individual terminal blocks can still be removed form the DIN rail or reinserted later if required.

To ensure a safe connection, the proven Entrelec anti-release screw design prevents wires from becoming loose (approximately 17billion of these screw clamps are claimed to be in use around the world). Where a push-in jumper bar is used, the SNK's 'positive click' feature ensures a good connection is made, providing an audible confirmation that the jumper is correctly fitted.

Marking options and benefits

A further feature of the SNK range is its advanced marking options. Developed in consultation with major terminal users, the design offers users what is claimed to be the widest choice of marking options, ranging from pre-printed markers through to blank markers that can be either printed on a normal desktop printer or handwritten. Wire markers are also available where required. In contrast with conventional terminal markers that are supplied as strips, the SNK's markers are separated when installed, enabling users to remove and replace a single terminal block very easily if required.

To improve marker visibility, the SNK series benefits from an asymmetrical design, enabling markers to be installed on the top or front of the terminal block, so markers can be read regardless of the terminal block's orientation. A patented flat marker space also increases the available marker area by 20 per cent, further aiding identification of terminal functions and labelling with a marker pen. ABB says up to eight characters can be marked legibly on the increased space available.

Carrying both ABB and Entrelec branding, the SNK range complements ABB's existing 5000 terminal block series for industrial applications.

The SNK range is now available from ABB's strategic industrial partner network. For more information, visit Alternatively, please telephone +44 (0)2476 368500 or email , reference 'SNK terminals.'

Follow the link to see a short animation that demonstrates the terminal blocks' innovative features.

01 May 2009

ABB Automation Technologies (LV Products)visit website
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