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DataTrack is a purpose-designed, simple-to-use modular software system for all manufacturers of make-to-order items for subcontract or OEM supplies. The software from PSL DataTrack encompasses control of the manufacture of single and batch production items and assemblies, and features a number of modules that can be acquired as companies expand their business. The Quality Module offers users a number of benefits of which the most important are the minimisation of administration costs and time for quality control procedures and the automatic recording of quality-related data to ensure complete traceability. Reliable supplier and customer performance statistics can be recorded, and users also benefit from effortless compliance with any quality accreditation requirements.

As quality control does not simply deal with the accuracy of a part, DataTrack has been conceived to cover the whole quality function, including the method of manufacture, materials used, gauge and measuring instrument validity, and statistics governing the approval of both manufacturer and suppliers. The Quality Module removes the administration burden of quality that can tie up staff for long periods. As DataTrack is modular, it offers users the flexibility to invest in new features only when required.

DataTrack can record details of every aspect of every job and retrieve them as required. It can record planned process deviations for each order. It includes gauge monitoring to ensure the validity of instruments and tooling, alerting production of any impending calibration requirements. All quality related documentation can be produced on demand, including Certificates of Conformity for customers and suppliers.

In addition, DataTrack has a non-conformance feature that deals with both rework and concession requests with the ability to 'suspend' orders under investigation. Any non-conformances are linked to the individual works orders. Non-conformances can be in-house or external, and all errors can be viewed for future works orders reference. With this traceability, if a mistake is made, in-house or externally, it is noted and reviewed to prevent the error happening again.

06 March 2009

PSL DataTrack (Prospec Systems Ltd)visit website
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