Open-frame X-Y tables feature sub-micron resolution

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Open-frame X-Y tables feature sub-micron resolutionHeason Technology is launching its new OFXY range of open-frame X-Y tables. This range brings together high-resolution ceramic motors from the company's distribution partner Nanomotion and compact TONiC encoders from Renishaw in a durable design that provides a large working through-aperture with sub-micron resolution positioning better than 1um repeatability and 200mm/sec scanning performance.

The first phase of the launch covers three new models with X and Y travels of 50mm, 100mm and 200mm in an innovative three-piece design with dual precision cross-roller bearings for high load capacity and stiffness. The large through-aperture provides a clear working area of up to 50mm x 50mm on a large stage when extended to its furthermost X-Y travel position.

Aimed at vision, optical and beamline system applications in metrology, quality inspection, NDT (non-destructive testing) and similar areas, the OFXY is forecast to outperform lead screw-driven stages for speed and precision. Its small footprint, the compact size of the motor and feedback components are also claimed to offer a significant space-saving advantage over other manufacturers' linear motor-based alternatives.


Supplied fully tested, complete with cable and connectors, the standard range includes integrated end-of-travel limit and datum switches. Using Heason Technology's design and manufacturing resources, the OFXY range is available for customisation to suit specific interfacing and fixturing requirements for OEMs and systems integrators. Furthermore, the non-magnetic ceramic motor and non-contact encoder system are recommended for high-vacuum applications.

Heason Technology also supplies a wide selection of matching ceramic motor drives and motion controls. It can help with complete motion system design including control cabinets and full cabling for the OXFY range, along with other positioning stage technologies based on linear or rotary servomotors, stepper motors, etc. Heason Technology plans to broaden the OXFY range in the future to include smaller and larger travel range options in a similar compact open-frame design.

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