Vigilguard interlock incorporates coded safety switch

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By locking the guard closed, the Comitronic Vigilguard interlocking device with coded safety switch prevents access to machinery until it has come to a safe stop. It is said to be distinguished by its non-contact design, which results in a much longer life expectancy. There is no deterioration, and actuation is smooth in contrast to traditional mechanical switches. Without the need for a separate safety relay, the device achieves safety category 4 as per EN 954-1 and PLe as per EN ISO 13849-1.

This compact device features a coded bolt and striking plate providing electronically controlled tamper-resistant locking. The machine will not restart unless it is correctly actuated. Housed in a resistant metal housing, it can cope with heavy contamination, vibrations and poor actuator/switch alignment.

The main innovations are the guided and coded bolt and striking plate, the washable receiving strike plate (which has a central hole for water drainage), double connector availability to simplify serial wiring and facilitate automatic serial locking, and an energy-saving mode.

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