New Kapix touch-sensitive buttons and pilot lights

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New Kapix touch-sensitive buttons and pilot lightsKapix is a new product range of touch-sensitive buttons and pilot lights for use in control panels for machines. Designed for factories and facilities where frequent and rough handling is encountered (for the touch-button), or for pilot lights needed where humidity or dust can reduce visibility and life expectancy, the Kapix range offers a reliable and efficient lighting option. The touch-sensitive button has two LEDs, flashing when contact is enabled after finger actuation (flip/flop, toggle or delayed action).

Thanks to their smart design, they are suitable for replacing many other manufacturers' mechanical pushbuttons in standard hole mountings of 22 and 30mm.

This range features a very long life expectancy and can typically last up to 10 years/100,000h. The LED lighting compares favourably with traditional lights in terms of energy efficiency, lower maintenance and installation costs (no need to change bulbs), and is suitable for electrical board lights, signal lights, command boards, industry, hospitals, etc, and works across a wide temperature range.

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