PNOZmulti Mini controller for three or more safety functions

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PNOZmulti Mini controller for three or more safety functionsPilz Automation Technology is launching the PNOZmulti Mini multifunctional configurable controller. The unit is a space-saving 45mm wide, features all of the usual functions of the established PNOZmulti and has the additional benefit of an integral LCD display for status information and diagnostic messages. Together with the new low-cost 'lite' licence for the PNOZmulti Configurator Software, Pilz now offers an economic option for applications requiring from three safety functions upwards.

The first PNOZmulti Mini model, the PNOZmm0p, is multifunctional, freely configurable and suitable for many areas of mechanical engineering. Designed to replace from three to five traditional safety relays, the controller performs safety functions such as monitoring emergency stop switches, safety gates, light curtains and other devices, plus the same unit can execute standard (ie non-safety) control functions.

Even with its more compact and smaller design, the PNOZmm0p has all of the usual functions of the PNOZmulti. The unit offers the following: 20 safe inputs; four safe semiconductor outputs (capable of being configured up to SIL3, PLe); four test pulse outputs; and a USB configuration interface. With the integral LCD display for showing status information and diagnostic messages, the unit is said to define a new level of communication with the operator.

A major advantage of the PNOZmulti Mini is that instead of relying on wiring together different safety relays, all required functions are configured directly via a PC running the intuitive PNOZmulti Configurator Software. The configuration is then stored on a chip card and is downloaded to the base unit. The PNOZmulti Configurator Software is common across the Multi range, but users now have the option to purchase a low-cost 'lite' licence that has been released specifically for use only with the PNOZm0p PNOZmulti and PNOZmm0p PNOZmulti Mini base units. Pilz believes that this makes the PNOZmulti Mini an exceptionally economic option, particularly for first-time users.

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