Versatile flow meter also monitors temperature

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IFM Electronic is introducing the completely updated SU9 flow meter. Suitable for water, oil and glycol solutions, the SU9 can measure volumetric flow quantities up to 200 l/min. Unlike some systems, the SU9 can also handle non-conductive water.

In addition to simple flow rate monitoring, the SU9 also monitors and displays the temperature of the medium, making the system particularly useful for cooling circuits.

Flow rate, totalising and medium temperature indication outputs can be configured as binary signals, analogue or pulse outputs for further signal processing or recording. Variants offer different features; for example, the SU9000 will switch PNP or NPN with an additional output for analogue signals and displays in litres or degrees C, while the SU9001 is the same but displays in gallons or degrees F, and the SU9004 uses two outputs for analogue, so both flow and temperature can be monitored simultaneously.

The measurement result is displayed on the front-mounted four-digit alphanumeric display, which users can configure to show the flow rate or medium temperature.

Process connection is made using the G1 1/4 threads, with adapters available for other pipe sizes, while the electrical connection is via an industry-standard M12 connector, for which IFM Electronic offers a wide selection of compatible sockets and jumpers with the correct characteristics for the installation environment.

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