Welding blankets - a choice of grades for different applications

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Welding blankets - a choice of grades for different applicationsESAB is introducing a new range of welding blankets that employ the latest heat- and flame-resistant fabrics. The colour-coded (dependent on application) blankets provide excellent protection from grinding/welding sparks, slag and droplets of molten metal.

ESAB advises that when selecting the most suitable blanket for the application, the following factors should be considered:

  • Positioning of the blanket - sparks hitting a blanket that is positioned horizontally will put extra stress on the material and a stronger and more heat-resistant blanket should be used.
  • Work application - for light-duty welding or cutting a thinner and less heat-resistant blanket can be used.
  • For heavy-duty welding or cutting - when the blanket is exposed to drops of molten metal - then a more durable blanket should be used.
  • Flexibility - the weight of the blanket indicates how flexible the fabric is. A lighter blanket makes it easier to protect small pipes and components where it is necessary to wrap the blanket.

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