Small servo systems offer high performance from 1-phase supply

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Small servo systems offer high performance from 1-phase supplyPanasonic's new A4 small servo system, developed from the company's previous successful servo range, is now available via Techdrives, a division of Lenze Ltd. With seven models in a range (rated from 50 to 1500W), the A4 series requires only a single-phase supply of 200-240V AC. Compact motors and drives are offered, together with cables and free software for a complete and cost-effective servo system. Most models are available from stocks held in the UK.

With their synchronous design and low inertia, the Panasonic A4 servo motors deliver highly dynamic performance. Rated torques range from 0.16 to 4.8Nm at 3000rpm with a peak torque capacity of 300 per cent. All models have a built-in 2500-pulse incremental encoder. Geared servo motors are also available with 44 preconfigured assemblies combining the motors with planetary gearboxes. Rated output speeds range from 60 to 1000rpm and output torques up to 170Nm. Motor enclosures are protected to IP65. Standard plug connectors on the cables are rated to IP20, but an IP65 connector is available as an option.

There are three alternative A4 servo drives, each working with the standard Panasonic motors and available across the full power range up to 1500W. The A4A Analogue drive suits applications with full closed-loop control from an analogue signal for speed or torque. The A4P Positioner drive gives simple sequential automatic positioning with up to 16 preset speeds and 60 programmable positions. The A4S Stepper Replacement drive gives increased performance following a pulse train in simple applications where stepper motor performance is not enough. All drives have a small footprint to limit panel size, for example 150 x 65mm for the 750W models. Advanced design features are said to make the drives easy to use, such as real-time auto-gain tuning, vibration control and electronic nameplates for automatic set-up.

The Panasonic A4 servo system includes cables for power and encoder feedback. There are also options for I/O and network/PC cables. Operating software is available as a free download from the Techdrives website. Called Panaterm, the software simplifies parameter setting, monitoring and diagnostics.

Product details with downloads for the catalogue, the manual and the software are available on the Techdrives website.

03 November 2009

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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