3D camera for industrial machine vision systems

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3D camera for industrial machine vision systemsIFM Electronic is introducing the innovative efector pmd 3D camera, which is claimed to be the first industrial camera that sees in three dimensions at once thanks to the integration of the PMD (photonic mixer device) time-of-flight measurement sensing technology into a full vision chip.

The image sensor has a resolution of 64 x 48 pixels and each pixel also evaluates its distance to the object, resulting in 3072 distance values. The image of the object on the matrix and the respective distance values therefore generates 3D data from which the geometrical characteristics of the object or the scene can be evaluated.

With its own powerful built-in infrared light source the PMD 3D camera provides real-time image data from as far away as 6.5m and with a 30deg x 40deg aperture, offering low-cost 3D imaging for a variety of applications.

Designed for OEM use the O3D201 PMD 3D camera utilises a downloadable software development kit that provides all tools necessary for system designers to integrate the 3D data into a control system. It also complements the O3D200 unit that is designed for end user applications, where all evaluation is carried out internally.


The O3D201 PMD 3D camera has digital and analogue outputs for users to scale or configure, plus inputs for triggering or synchronisation. For interface with the eventual users there are two pushbuttons alongside the 10-digit display, or designers can opt to leave the interface only at the Ethernet programming level.

With its robust, die-cast zinc housing and polycarbonate optics, the device is well suited to industrial applications. The two connections on the housing - one for power with inputs and outputs, and the other for programming via Ethernet - use industrial standard M12 connectors for a good seal, maintaining the overall IP67 environmental protection rating.

The 3D vision camera therefore provides illumination, depth measurement and evaluation in one unit. IFM Electronic also supplies a range of mounting accessories to aid installation and connection of the O3D201 3D camera.

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