Compact modular UV lamps are easy to integrate

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Compact modular UV lamps are easy to integrateJenton International used the recent Fastening and Assembly Solutions exhibition to promote its JA range of modular UV lamps for curing adhesives, inks (used in screen printing, pad printing and inkjet printing) and coatings. Compact yet powerful, the UV curing lamp systems are designed to be easy to install, operate and maintain.

Three models are offered, with cure widths of 70, 115 and 150mm, all with a focal length of 50mm and a choice of UV bulb spectral outputs. Units can be controlled either locally from the Jenton power pack or remotely, and the UV lamps are equipped with control interlocks and filtered forced-air cooling.

Designed for use with the UV curing lamps, Jenton's JA family of power supplies includes the JA 1200 HR model that benefits from an 'instant restart' (Hot Restrike) facility that enables medium-pressure mercury-based lamps to be turned off and restarted in less than one second, which eliminates the need for shutters, standby capability or long delays in on/off production processes. The JA 2000 VP is compatible with all of Jenton's UV curing lamps thanks to its variable power output.

All of the Jenton power supplies can be supplied either in component form for integrating within a control panel/system or fully finished in a stainless steel housing. Units can also be branded if customers require this.

Standalone systems

Another option is for the curing lamps and power supplies to be delivered complete with a stainless steel conveyor unit suitable for production, development or laboratory applications. The conveyors benefit from an infinitely variable speed (from around 0.2 to 150m/min) and a height-adjustable light bridge. They can also be either freestanding or bench-mounted ad come equipped with an air box with plenum for exhaust or vacuum hold-down capability. As well as the standard design, Jenton can also create custom conveyors to suit customers' requirements.

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