Hexaflex-Blue marine shaft couplings from Techdrives

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Hexaflex-Blue marine shaft couplings from TechdrivesTechdrives is now offering Hexaflex-Blue shaft couplings for marine applications. Designed for small to medium-sized propulsion drives, as well as auxiliary drives and bow thrusters, Hexaflex-Blue couplings combine high misalignment capacity with vibration damping to achieve a smoother transmission and longer life for the drive components. Eight sizes are available with rated torques from 55-1760Nm and coupling dimensions can be customised to fit between the gearbox and driven shaft. The maintenance-free design is already proven on leisure and military applications.

At the heart of the Hexaflex-Blue coupling is a synthetic rubber flexible element with six bolt holes; three connect to the driving side and three to the driven side. Between each bolt hole run loops of strengthening cord that maintain the flexibility yet provide toughness. A long life is assured by the safety factor between rated torque and breaking torque - which is typically ten times. Another advantage of the rubber construction is the ability to absorb vibrations from the motor, resulting in smoother and quieter torque transmission. The flexible element is bolted on one side to an adaptor for the gearbox flywheel and on the other to a clamp hub. Metal parts are stainless steel to eliminate corrosion and the complete assembly is backlash-free, which contributes to the long life when torque oscillations are present. The gearbox adaptor can be supplied with customised dimensions; for example Yanmar and ZF Marine adaptors are available.

Hexaflex-Blue couplings are said to be easy to mount with only radial access needed, hence the gearbox and shaft do not need to be moved axially. The ability to accept a combination of radial and axial misalignment while, at the same time, absorbing torsional vibration leads to longer life for the components in the drivetrain.

Follow the link for more information about Hexaflex rubber disc couplings including the Hexaflex-Blue marine shaft couplings.

15 September 2009

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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