Vogel MPR planetary gearheads gain performance boost

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Vogel MPR planetary gearheads gain performance boostThe Techdrives division of Lenze Ltd is announcing significant upgrades in the range of Vogel MPR planetary gearheads resulting in higher torque ratings, torsional rigidity and shaft load capacity. Furthermore, backlash in the gearheads is reduced, with standard values as low as 3arcmins - and this can be further reduced on request to less than 1arcmin. There are six gearbox sizes in the MPR range, with rated output torques from 44-1000Nm, all with one- and two-stage models covering ratios from 3:1 to 100:1. The four new models are at the lower end of the range, where requirements for high dynamics are more common. The increased performance enables more compact and economical drive systems to be designed, and the lower backlash values result in higher precision, particularly with reversing drives.

Planetary gearheads such as the Vogel MPR are frequently used in combination with synchronous and asynchronous motors. The motor input connects rigidly to a sun gear via a clamp hub connection. Three planet gears run around the sun, held by the planet carrier. With a two-stage gearbox the concept is repeated. The resulting reduction in speed is efficient - 97 per cent for one-stage and 95 per cent for two-stage configurations - and gives exact gear ratios, which is useful for positioning applications. Compared with alternative designs, planetary gearheads are also compact and have a low inertia, which makes them suitable for tasks with dynamic motion profiles - such as cam motion on packaging machinery, positioning in automatic warehouses and many more.

The upgrades on the Vogel MPR gearheads are offered at no extra cost. Depending on size, the permitted acceleration torques increase by 10-30 per cent, the torsional rigidity by 30-50 per cent and the weights fall by 10 per cent. For single-stage gearheads with ratios up to 10:1, the standard backlash previously offered was 6arcmins and this is now halved to 3arcmins. On request and for a small surcharge the factory can select gears to achieve backlash below 1arcmin.

A detailed new catalogue is available, complete with with a flowchart to guide engineers through the selection process. Product information and a catalogue download are available for the Vogel MPR planetary gearheads. Alternatively Lenze can bring in knowledge and expert tools such as the DSD selection software tool that usually results in optimised drives and lower costs. Lenze has already configured a range of several hundred geared motors consisting of synchronous and asynchronous motors with Vogel gearheads and matching servo drives. This Rightsizing approach, based on a broad choice of products and accurate data, is proven to achieve cost savings for machine builders.

07 October 2009

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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