Panasonic B-series brushless geared motors and controllers

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Panasonic B-series brushless geared motors and controllersTechdrives is promoting the Panasonic B-series brushless geared motors, saying that these units deliver two major benefits: accurate speed holding over a 100:1 speed range and an integrated drive that means no panel space is required. B-series geared motors are available from 30-130W with different gearheads for a range of rated speeds. They are typically used in small machines that need a precision drive.

Panasonic B-series brushless motors are fitted with Hall-effect sensors that give feedback to the drive fitted to the back of the motor. The assembly is compact - the 130W unit has a body length of only 215mm, for example - and the IP65 enclosure suits all types of machinery including that used in food production. Electrical supply is single-phase and the drives are rated for ambient temperatures from -10 to +40degC. Eight different gearheads fit to the motor, giving rated output speeds from 30 to 1000rpm. The speed holding accuracy is excellent, with a variation within +/-1.0 per cent.

Speed and position

The standard brushless geared motor is the B1 and there is also a positioner variant, the B3. This gives simple four-point positioning with a step angle at the motor of 1.25degree, all in the same dimensions and IP65 enclosure as the B1.

Most models in the Panasonic B series range can be built from stock and full details are given on the Techdrives website. Optional cables and keypads are available and the programming software is available free of charge. With compact dimensions, a maintenance-free design and no requirement for panel space, the Panasonic B-series is very useful for small precision machines.

Follow the link for more information about the Panasonic B-series brushless geared motors.

19 February 2010

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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