Stainless steel quick-locking bushes are easy to clean

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Stainless steel quick-locking bushes are easy to cleanTechdrives is introducing the ETP Express type R quick-locking bush, a stainless steel version of the ETP Express.

ETP Express bushes are fixed by tightening a single radial screw, which enables them to be set or removed in seconds. ETP bushes are also said to make it easy to achieve accurate positioning of the hub (or gear, sprocket, pulley, pinion or other component) both radially and axially, without the need for keyways or other costly or vulnerable machined features. However, traditional ETP designs are manufactured in standard grades of steel so are prone to corrosion in aggressive environments.

The new stainless steel ETP Express type R is available in a range of standard sizes from 15-60mm, as well as some popular imperial sizes. These bushes have the same dimensions and torque ratings as the standard model, and the connection is backlash-free and with excellent concentricity (run-out values are below 0.02mm). Stainless steel construction gives excellent protection for applications in the food industry or outdoors. These bushes are also an excellent cosmetic match for surrounding stainless steel parts, and allow easy cleaning. Caustic washdowns or the continuous presence of water will not cause problems for the stainless locking bushes.

Follow the link for more information and a short movie about ETP-Express locking bushes.

06 January 2010

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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