Spring-applied brakes are low-cost and very fast to fit

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Spring-applied brakes are low-cost and very fast to fitTechdrives is now offering the INTORQ BFK457 range of spring-applied brakes that are described as low-cost and very fast to fit. BFK457 brakes are available in seven sizes ranging from the miniature model with a diameter of 37mm and a rating of 0.12Nm up to the standard size 16 with a diameter of 190mm and a torque of 125Nm. There are two different designs available: the lowest-cost Basic design requires customers to provide a surface for mounting and friction that should be smooth and ferrous; the Compact design comes fully assembled with its own mounting surface and the air gap is preset - which means that the Compact brakes are particularly quick and easy to mount.

These spring-applied brakes generate torque by multiple springs that push together an armature plate, a rotating brake disc and a fixed mounting surface. The brake disc carries a friction material that ensures smooth and regular torque ratings, and the brake is released when current is applied to a DC coil (the resulting magnetic flux pulls back to the armature plate and frees the brake disc). Coil rated voltages are either 24 or 205V DC, the latter being for rectified mains voltages.

The BFK457 range is simple but still has a number of options. A manual brake release lever can be specified for releasing the brake without electrical power. For use in noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals and theatres, a low-noise brake disc guarantees noise levels below 50dbA. In applications that are particularly safety-sensitive, a double brake with piggy-back mounting is available.

Follow the link for more information, including a catalogue and operating manual, for the INTORQ BFK457 spring-applied brakes.

10 March 2010

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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