Hard Hat Adaptor provides head protection for welders

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Hard Hat Adaptor provides head protection for weldersESAB is now stocking a new type of Hard Hat Adaptor that saves the wearer having to change safety wear for different working situations. The Hard Hat Adaptor has been developed for sites where welders need to use both a hard hat as well as a welding helmet. The equipment is suitable for use in areas such as shipyards and construction sites.

The hard hat adaptor is simply attached to a New-Tech Helmet - after the removal of the internal head harness - in a matter of seconds. For extra safety, the user does not even have to remove the hat to attach or detach the adaptor, and this can even be done while wearing heavy work gloves.

For total flexibility, the hard hat adaptor can be utilised with any of the New-Tech range of auto darkening welding helmets that feature the latest technology developed by ESAB. All four models in the range are lightweight and well-balanced to provide maximum comfort but, additionally, they offer a wide viewing area and protect the ears and neck, as well as just the face.

The area in front of the mouth is larger for a good flow of fresh area and to avoid the build-up of carbon monoxide.

For that personalised touch or corporate feel, hard hats are available in a choice of colours: yellow, white, blue, green and red.

ESAB has made ordering the correct helmet and adaptor as straightforward as possible, with just three easy steps involved – the first being the selection of the New-Tech Helmet. The second part of the process involves looking at the adaptor order number alongside to ensure the correct hard hat adaptor is chosen, while step three involves choosing the colour of the hard hat.

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