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Pilz extends its range of emergency stops and control devicesPilz is extending its range of control and signal devices, which now includes various styles of emergency stop devices, cable switches, enable switches, muting and signal lamps, and now also an operating mode selector switch. To show the extent of its range of control and signalling devices, Pilz has published a new catalogue entitled Control and signal devices PIT.

For several years Pilz has offered one of the widest ranges of emergency stop buttons, which includes options for illumination, key operation, IP69K protection, shrouding, different contact blocks, panel-mounting and surface-mounting. Panel-mount versions of the PITestop switches feature dropout protection in the form of an additional normally-open contact. Similar PITstop switches with black actuators in place of red are suitable for area shutdown applications. For protecting long hazards - such as areas adjacent to conveyors - Pilz offers two types of PSENrope switch that have a local actuator as well as the facility to actuate the switch by means of a tensioned cable.

To complement its range of safety light curtains, Pilz supplies PITsign muting lamps. Moreover, customers can select the PIT si1.2 monitored muting lamp that can be used in conjunction with safety relays that do not have an inbuilt muting lamp monitoring function.

Hold-to-run device

The PITjog manually operated control device can be used as an enabling switch when, for example, a machine is being set up with the guards open. Unlike most other enabling switches, however, the Pilz PITjog requires both hands to be used to ensure that the operator does not have a 'spare' hand that can be placed within the hazardous area. Sealed to IP50, the PITjog has a 4m cable and can be used with any level of safety-related control system - including those based on safety relays, modular configurable controllers and comprehensive programmable safety systems.

A new addition to the Pilz range of control and signal devices is the PITmode operating mode selector switch. This dual-function device enables the operating mode to be selected and controls the access to hazardous machinery. As a mode selection switch the PITmode also enables different operators to be assigned rights to change between up to five operating modes. High-integrity encoding ensures that protection is provided against errors and attempts to manipulate the system. Operating modes are selected by means of keys that utilise non-contact RFID technology. Sealed to IP54, the PITmode device is suitable for safety-related control circuits to Performance Level d (PL d) of BS EN ISO 13849-1, Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) of BS EN 62061 (IEC 62061) and Safety Category 2 (Cat 2) of BS EN 954-1.

For a free catalogue or more information, go to and enter the following webcodes:

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