Gas filters for protecting instrumentation and venting vessels

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Gas filters for protecting instrumentation and venting vesselsHelapet IsoVent 0.2 micron hydrophobic filters protect equipment using a range of media and connectors. The company's disc technology provides an effective filtration area of 17.35cm2 while maintaining optimum flow rates under pressures of 50psi.

One of the most common applications is the prevention of water and vapour penetration through to the downstream side of the filter, thereby providing protection from moisture for instruments and equipment.

The filters can also be used for venting vessels and containers, enabling pressure to be released while preventing the ingress of contaminated air. Using a 0.2um PTFE hydrophobic filter membrane within an integrity-tested polypropylene filter housing ensures that vessels can be aseptically vented.

IsoVent 0.2 micron filters can be used for purifying air for gas detection applications and are capable of eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can give false readings.

The right filter for every application

Helapet's wide range of connectors enables these filters to be used for a variety of applications in medical, laboratory and gas industries. Moreover, Helapet is committed to finding the right filtration product for every customer, and this approach has reinforced its expertise in the filtration market. Onsite manufacturing uses the latest ultrasonic technology that enables a variety of media to be sealed into plastic housings while maintaining housing and media integrity. Helapet filtration devices have been tested and validated using alcohol to determine bubble point values to assure and maintain quality and efficiency of the filter media, and the housing integrity is tested using the latest pressure testing techniques.

For more specific applications, Helapet can design and manufacture bespoke products, including printing logos onto the device to create brand recognition and encourage customer loyalty.

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