Caddy Mig C160i is optimised for 0.8mm welding wire

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Caddy Mig C160i is optimised for 0.8mm welding wireESAB is introducing the Caddy Mig C160i as the latest addition to its popular Caddy family of welding machines. The Caddy Mig C160i has been optimised for welding mild steel with 0.8mm wire and is therefore suitable for assembly, maintenance and repair operations in fabrication or repair workshops, as well as on site.

Compact, lightweight (11.4kg) and rugged, the Caddy Mig C160i features a built-in wire feeder that accepts 200mm spools (approximately 5kg) and the polarity can be changed to enable operators to use either solid or gasless cored wires. Portability, which is an important feature of the Caddy Mig C160i, has been enhanced by the innovative welding cable management system that enables the Caddy Mig, together with its welding cables, to be carried safely and easily. The new design also utilises a range of advanced materials in the lightweight, durable and impact-resistant housing.

A notable feature of the new Caddy is its simplicity of operation; the user simply sets the plate thickness between 0.5 and 4mm and a heat adjustment knob enables welds to be made hotter or colder if desired.

Operation from either a single-phase power supply or a portable generator means that the Caddy Mig C160i can be used virtually anywhere. Thanks to careful attention being paid to power factor correction (PFC) and harmonics during the design of the electrical circuits, the Caddy Mig C160i delivers 30 per cent more power from the mains with the same fuse. At a 35 per cent duty cycle the machine delivers 150A/21.5V; at a 100 per cent duty cycle it still achieves an impressive 100A/19V. The current setting range is 30-160A and the speed of the integral wire feed can be set from 2-11m/min.

Each Caddy Mig C160i is supplied complete with a 3m torch, 3m mains cable, 4.5m gas hose with hose quick connector, a return cable with clamp, and a simple shoulder strap. To complete the package, a 1kg spool of ESAB's OK Autrod 12.51 copper-coated Mig/Mag wire is included with each machine.

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