Compact industrial barcode scanner with integrated Ethernet

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Compact industrial barcode scanner with integrated EthernetSick (UK) is launching the CLV65X SMART barcode scanner to bring fast, automatic identification to a broad spectrum of industrial applications. This new scanner has an exceptionally quick read rate, up to 6m/s, and boasts improved decoding and stable reading rates on low-contrast codes, as well as partly damaged or partially obscured barcodes. This high reliability makes it suitable for use in a number of industries, including automotive, materials handling, logistics, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging, and food and beverage, as well as in forklift applications.

Using Time of Flight Technology (TOFT) the intuitive scanner measures the time the laser takes to reach a label and then adapts its focus accordingly, thereby ensuring high performance over long ranges and without the requirement for light switches to change focus positions.

The CLV65X can be adapted according to user requirements; it offers a flexible output format with a number of connection and fieldbus options for both network and PLC connections.

Integrated Ethernet

According to Sick, the CLV65X is the smallest scanner with integrated Ethernet. In addition, it features a customised output data formation, which reduces the PLC programming required. The freely adaptable and conditional host data string means the scanner does not need the PLC to manipulate data; this enables the generation of multiple data strings for CAN-to-Ethernet RS232, thereby ensuring it can communicate with several different hosts.

Easy to mount, with dual-position cable entry and an intelligent auto-setup, the scanner is said to be exceptionally easy to install and set-up. With the ability to run customer-specific scripts, this plug-and-play device is also easy to programme, and features a micro SD slot for seamless configuration and program changes.

The innovative design of the CLV65X ensures dependable diagnostics via email, with no additional Ethernet gateway required, which reduces downtime and enables significant savings to be made in terms of both time and cost

Tim Stokes, the Barcode Product Manager for Sick (UK), comments: "The CLV650 really is an exceptionally innovative scanner; not only is it powerful, fast and flexible but it is also incredibly easy to use. The number of applications, and industries, that can benefit from this unique solution really are limitless."

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