Safety unit includes interlock, monitoring and control functions

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Safety unit includes interlock, monitoring and control functionsPilz is launching the PSENsgate safety gate system that combines guard monitoring, locking and control elements in a single compact unit - which also includes additional functions such as an emergency stop and escape/auxiliary release. The system may be used up to PLe of EN ISO 13849-1, SIL 3 of EN/IEC 62061 and Category 4 of EN 954-1, even when connected in series with other devices.

As breakage of the bolt and pin are detected reliably, the system offers enhanced safety for machinery with a particularly high hazard potential. Such systems are therefore likely to be used on larger safety gates that provide operators with access to plant or machinery.

A major advantage of the PSENsgate safety gate system is that multiple safety functions are provided within a single unit - whereas previously customers would have had to specify, purchase and assemble several discrete safety components. This new approach therefore saves time and costs when it comes to project configuration, design, documentation, purchasing and installation.

Coding of the interlock/actuator ensures protection against manipulation and defeat. A lock-off arrangement can also be implemented by using up to five padlocks on the bolt.

Units may be mounted to either left- or right-hand hinged gates, with its slimline 45mm width making it easy to install on steel or aluminium machine frameworks. providing a holding force of 2000N on a swing gate. Integrated pushbuttons are provided for emergency stop, lock (illuminated) and unlock/request access (illuminated) operations. LEDs indicate the status of the power, fault, input and safety gate functions.

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