FIAMA position sensors now available from Techdrives

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FIAMA position sensors now available from TechdrivesTechdrives is now offering sensors from the Italian position measurement specialist FIAMA srl. FIAMA is known for digital and clock-type position indicators, plus it manufactures wire operated transducers ('string pots') and non-contacting linear encoders. Combined with a matching display, these low-voltage devices can give high resolution on strokes of up to 12m. Wire transducers are lower in cost and flexible to use, being suitable for linear speeds up to 500mm/s. Non-contacting position transducers are effectively encoders; both incremental and absolute versions are available.

Wire-operated linear transducers (also known as draw wire displacement sensors) are simply devices that turn linear motion into a variation in resistance of a potentiometer. The cable housing with spring retraction of the cable is mounted in a fixed position with a low-voltage DC supply and gives outputs of 4-20mA or 0-10V. The cable can be supplied in standard lengths starting at 50mm stroke and running up to 12.2m. Operating speeds are limited to 500mm/s but accuracy is good, with repeatability at about 0.2mm depending on the model. Options include a battery-powered, self-contained model, and pulse outputs for serial transmission by RS485 or Profibus.

Where higher speeds and accuracy are needed, FIAMA offers a non-contacting system in which a magnetised plastic ferrite strip is sensed by a DC-powered transducer. Linear speeds up to 3m/s are possible. This is effectively an incremental encoder system with push-pull or TTL line-driver outputs in two channels. The magnetised strip can be supplied for measuring lengths up to 25m with a position measurement accuracy of 0.1mm. A further option is an absolute encoding system available up to 10m.

Follow the link for more information about FIAMA position measurement systems for linear motion.

09 July 2010

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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