Mini-MAG high-precision linear servomotor stages from Heason

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Dover's recently introduced Mini-MAG high precision linear servomotor stages are available from motion specialists, Heason Technology. The compact 80mm wide all-stainless steel stages use Dover's well proven and unique MAG moving magnet concept that eliminates moving motor cables and are factory stocked for fast delivery in four standard travel ranges from 25mm to 150mm.

With overall accuracy to 3.0 um, positioning resolution to 5.0 nm and bi-directional repeatability to +/- 200 nm, the powerful 3-phase brushless linear servomotor facilitates an impressive speed rating of 500mm/sec with 9 g acceleration, making the Mini-MAG equally suited to high speed step & repeat or constant velocity scanning - for exacting and rapid throughput micropositioning applications in production or test.

The Mini-MAG features precision cross roller bearings with anti-creep cages which ensures zero readjustment downtime and the negligible bearing friction allows excellent in-position servo system stability. The durable cross roller bearing set and high-stiffness stainless steel construction combine for a direct load rating of up to 8kg.

A side mounted tape-style linear encoder with a non-contacting reading head provides high resolution analogue or digital position feedback plus datum and adjustable limit switch functions in a very compact envelope and convenient design which is easily integrated with the servo drive and motion system. Resolution options include 0.1, 0.05, 0.02, 0.01m and 0.005um. The fixed reading head also ensures no moving cables on single axis stages.

The Mini-MAG's moving top plate includes a series of M8 holes for customer fixtures and provision for direct X-Y mounting with no adapter plates. The range includes a standard counterbalanced version for vertically mounted positioning.

In addition to fast delivery times the Mini-MAG also offers almost twice the accuracy at around the same cost of competitive standard grade stage options from other manufacturers. With its high precision, impressive dynamic performance, smooth servo motor and non-contacting encoder, the stage will provide a long-life, low maintenance and excellent positioning solution across a wide range of manufacturing and research applications.

Heason Technology supply the Mini-MAG with complementary servo drives and motion controls as a part of its comprehensive motion control service that includes an in-house design capability that matches products from its distribution partners for customised electro-mechanical solutions in challenging applications across, aerospace, automotive, defence, robotics, process control, packaging, motorsports and many more.

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