Thomson T60 precision ball screw linear actuator from Heason

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Heason Technology has added the new Thomson T60 precision ball screw linear actuator to its wide range of positioning solutions. The T60 is a very compact and powerful push-rod style actuator with a 75mm x 60mm profile housing and a 38mm diameter hard chromed steel extension tube for selectable travel up to1500mm, direct force to 1000N, speeds to 300mm/sec and acceleration to 8m/sec2.

The simple yet effective design provides long life/low maintenance linear positioning with precision, control and efficiency that will outperform pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder actuators in a very similar format.

The IP65 rated unit is designed for harsh environments and can be supplied with additional protection where frequent washdown may be required. The T60 is based upon the same successful design as the larger T90 and T130 Precision Linear Actuator (PLA) models from Thomson which together suit a very wide range of industrial applications from pick and place systems to packaging automation and from pharmaceutical manufacture to electronics production.

The T60 is available with a choice of 25mm diameter precision ballscrews with leads of 5mm, 10mm, 25mm or 50mm offering a 0.05mm repeatability with a preloaded single nut arrangement for low backlash. The maximum input speed of 3000 rpm allows complete choice of motor technologies from simple speed controlled DC motors, stepper motors or full positioning servo's. A wide range of accessories allow inline mounting with couplings, or side mount options complete with belt drive arrangements. Mounting accessories are also available for standard hydraulic cylinder replacement.

Heason Technology has attained Premier Partner status for Thomson and can supply fully customised versions of the PLA range together with motors, drives and motion controls as complete system solutions. The Premier Partner programme aims to ensure a high level of service and support with regular training, competitive pricing and recommended inventory levels for all participating distribution partners. Heason Technology's in-house design capability matches products from its distribution partners with its own expertise in motion control and automation to provide customised electro-mechanical solutions for challenging applications across, aerospace, automotive, defence, robotics, process control, packaging, motorsports and many more.

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