Allen Bradley Kinetix 3 servo drives reduce complexity

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Allen Bradley Kinetix 3 servo drives reduce complexityRockwell Automation is introducing the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 3 component servo drive that provides machine builders with the ability to meet the needs of manufacturers without the complexity of traditional servo systems. Offered in models as small as 50W, the drive provides the flexibility to tailor axes to a machine's actual power requirement, which will minimise system size and cost. Its compact design makes the drive suitable for machines that require less than 1.5kW and up to 12.55Nm of instantaneous torque - such as intermittent form/fill/seal machines, indexing tables, medical devices, laboratory automation equipment and semiconductor processing.

Oliver Haya, the product manager, Rockwell Automation, comments: "Manufacturers are challenged by tougher economic conditions. There is less capital available for new equipment purchases and users expect solutions that are easier to use and also yield greater uptime and return on investment. When combining the new Kinetix 3 servo drive with Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controllers from Rockwell Automation, machine builders can deliver a cost-effective motion control solution for low-axis count applications that is simple to use and maintain."

The Kinetix 3 component servo drive is easily configured using Allen-Bradley UltraWare, a free software tool that is available as part of the Kinetix Accelerator Toolkit. Configuration can be further simplified by using the automatic motor recognition with Allen-Bradley TL-Series rotary motors, TL-Series linear actuators, and LDL-Series and LDC-Series linear servo motors. Additional features include online vibration suppression, advanced auto-tuning and faster settling time - which reduces start-up time by virtually eliminating many steps in the commissioning process. The drive can index up to 64 points via Modbus or through its digital inputs.

To simplify the user experience still further, the Allen Bradley Kinetix 3 servo drive can be incorporated into a connected component system. The Connected Component Building Blocks (CCBB) for Kinetix 3 will provide CAD drawings, electrical layouts, bill of materials, sample code and operator interface screens. It will includes the ability to perform indexing operations for three axes over the Modbus network using the MicroLogix 1400 controller, Allen-Bradley PanelView component operator interface and TL-Series motors.

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