ADC Plus New-Tech welding head-shields with larger viewing area

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ADC Plus New-Tech welding head-shields with larger viewing areaESAB is launching a new range of ADC Plus New-Tech welding head-shields that benefit from innovative styling and an extra large (XL) viewing area with ADC Plus Colour Definition. This makes working conditions safer for the welder, since improved vision of the colours on an LED screen, for example, assists in making better decisions.

ADC (Angular Dependence Compensation) ensures that the shade covers the full width and height of the screen and offers the additional benefit of improved colour definition and contrast.

With ESAB's New-Tech ADC Plus range of helmets, welders can have a viewing area of 96 x 68.5mm, which is a considerable improvement over the cramped viewing areas offered by some traditional welding helmets. Furthermore, the helmet meets the 1/1/1/1 standard of EN 379 Personal eye-protection. Automatic welding filters . ESAB New-Tech ADC Plus is claimed to offer the best optical quality on the market, with an even shade level across the full height and width of the viewing area.

As well as giving a better view, the ADC Plus cartridge also reduces bright visible light.

There are three helmets in the ESAB New-Tech ADC Plus range, all offering excellent performance as well as operator protection and comfort.

Models and options

ESAB's New-Tech 6-13 ADC Plus (also available with an XL lens measuring 96 x 68.5mm) can have shade levels adjusted from DIN 6 to DIN 13, making the helmets highly versatile. These models have grinding modes in which the auto-darkening filter (ADF) is switched off. The 9-13 ADC Plus can have shade levels adjusted from DIN 9 to DIN 13.

The ESAB New-Tech ADC Plus range keep welders cooler since they have silver heat-reflective shells. Welders will also appreciate the ease of use of the external control panel. Adjustments available are shade (6-8/9-13), sensitivity, delay and grinding mode.

ESAB always recommends the use of a respiratory system for maximum protection against welding fumes. New-Tech ADC Plus helmets are available with Fresh Air: Air 160, Air 200 and compressed air units. These are delivered fully assembled with a flame-resistant head and face seal, as well as an air duct.

ADC Plus New-Tech welding head-shields are lightweight and comfortable. They are also competitively priced, despite the outstanding performance specification. For more information call ESAB Publicity on +44 (0)800 3893152, email or go to

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