INA Elgotex plain bushes feature double-layer design

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INA Elgotex plain bushes feature double-layer designSchaeffler is launching INA Elgotex plain bushes, a range of low-friction, maintenance-free plain bearings that are suited to dry-running applications, including those in high-load, high-vibration environments.

Elgotex plain bushes provide a variety of advantages that stem from the product's innovative entwined double-layer design. Each bush comprises two layers of wound (twisted) material. The inner, sliding layer is made from synthetic fibres and PTFE fibres in epoxy resin, while the outer layer comprises continuous glass fibres (filaments) in epoxy resin. This combined, double-wound material is stabilised by applying a specific winding angle to the glass fibres, which significantly increases the strength of the bush.

The result is a host of technical advantages, including extreme robustness, compactness and low wear (due to consistent friction levels). In addition, Elgotex plain bushes are lighter than bronze equivalents. They are also easy to mount, require no axial location, are insensitive to shock loads and edge pressures, and have good vibration dampening properties. Due to their dry-running characteristics, the bushes are said to be environmentally-friendly. Being maintenance-free for life, the bushes help to reduce maintenance costs for end users.


Elgotex has already proved itself in many customer applications, including those in which high radial loads or high static loads are present.

Bushes are available with integrated seals and they are inherently resistant to corrosive media. The bushes also perform well in applications where swivel or axial movement is required.

INA plain bushes with Elgotex are available with bore diameters from 20-200mm, outside diameters from 24-220mm, and widths of 15-250mm. Custom versions with outside diameters up to 1200mm can be produced to order.

Industry sectors set to benefit from this product range include: off-highway/mobile construction vehicles; agricultural machinery; mechanical handling/forklift trucks; hydraulics and pneumatics; food and beverage processing; large buildings and structures (eg bridges); and wind, tidal, wave and solar energy systems.

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