Slewing bearings protected for offshore applications

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Slewing bearings protected for offshore applicationsR.A. Rodriguez offers a broad choice of Kaydon bearing types from 100mm to 6000mm diameter - with or without gears - that are suitable for offshore use. Oil platform cranes, davit maintenance cranes, drilling rigs drives, offshore wind turbines and moorings buoys are the prime applications for this high-quality range of bearings.

For the extreme conditions in locations such as the North Sea, bearings are typically supplied with environmental protection of a zinc phosphate coating and two-part paint finish, special grease and integral seals. Kaydon bearings are also able to meet the specification criteria for offshore crane bearings. In accordance with the Lloyd's Register, Kaydon offers bearings that conform to the required material specifications and load safety ratings, including the Charpy V-notch compliance test where applicable.

Kaydon four-point contact ball bearings are popular, as they accept combinations of radial, thrust and moment loads, and use 'Gothic arch' races on both the inner and outer race ball paths. These generate four points of contact on each ball. To satisfy requirements for high load capacity within a given envelope, especially in large bearings, R.A. Rodriguez also offers a Kaydon eight-point contact design. This is a bearing with two rows of balls and Gothic arch internal geometry for both rows. Tests have shown that this extra row increases load capacity by 80 per cent.

For the highest capacity, the choice includes three-roller bearings. The top and bottom rows absorb thrust loading and, in combination, they also handle moment loading. The intermediate row addresses radial loading and, because each row operates independently, frictional torque is low.

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