LED light bars are sealed to IP69K

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LED light bars are sealed to IP69KPatlite CLA LED light bars are now available from Techdrives with IP69K enclosures suitable for use in washdown conditions typically found in food processing plants. The new CLA range is available in lengths from 100 to 1500mm and gives light levels up to 1725 lumens at 1m. Low power levels save energy and increase operator comfort.

CLA light bars are constructed with a series of LEDs encased in a shock-proof polycarbonate enclosure. Compared to fluorescent lights with the same rating, these LED light bars use 52 per cent less energy. The largest light bar at 1500mm consumes only 29W yet gives 1725 lumens measured at 1m. A low-voltage 24V DC supply is safe for machine operators.

The light produced by the LEDs is bright and clear without infrared or ultraviolet content. As a result of the low power consumption, there is very little radiated heat, which adds to the comfort of machine operators. Other advantages, particularly for food production machinery, are the absence of glass and mercury in the construction.

Although the majority of applications require 'natural white' light, the CLA light bars offer two further options: a 'daylight' version is designed for office environments and a yellow/amber version suits vision systems such as those used in semiconductor production. Follow the link for more information about CLA LED light bars from Techdrives.

15 November 2010

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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