Compact Sitop power supplies achieve high efficiency

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Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies is launching new Sitop Smart and Sitop Compact power supplies, describing them as compact, efficient and powerful. The new three-phase Sitop PSU300S power supplies and single-phase Sitop PSU100C supplies feature a narrow footprint and high efficiency, which reduces energy consumption and heat generation.

The Siemens Sitop Smart power supply line has been extended by two new versions of the Sitop PSU300S power supply for three-phase mains connection. To complement the already available power supply with a 20A rated current, the new versions offer 10 and 40A rated outputs. The 10A supply comes in a metal enclosure just 90mm wide, while the 40A device requires a 145mm space on a DIN rail. The compact size is achieved through the high efficiency of more than 91 per cent, which reduces the development of heat and eliminates the need for a large heat sink.

Sitop PSU300S power supplies are optimised for standard requirements in automated machines and plants requiring a stabilised 24V. The high-performance power supplies can deliver 1.5 times the rated current for five seconds, such as during the start up of loads with a high current demand.

An integrated signalling contact enables a controller to evaluate the operating state of the power supply as a '24V OK' signal. The power supplies can also be combined with redundancy modules, selectivity modules and DC UPS modules (uninterruptible direct current power supply).

With their three-phase wide-range input for alternating current from 340-550V, together with comprehensive certification for all standard applications, the PSU300S supplies have been designed for use throughout the world.

Single-phase supplies

Siemens has also added three higher-output versions of the single-phase Sitop PSU100C power supply to the Sitop Compact power supply line. The two 24V versions supply 2.5 and 4A rated output currents, respectively, the 12V version has been designed to deliver a 6.5A rated output.

With overall widths of only 45 and 52.5mm, the new Sitop power supplies are especially suitable for decentralised use in the lower power range of up to 100W, such as installation in switch boxes and small control cabinets. Like all the models in the product line, the new DIN rail devices are characterised by high efficiency throughout the entire load range and low no-load losses of less than 1W.

The wide-range input facilitates connection to single-phase AC networks with voltages of 120 and 230V, or to DC networks with voltages between 110 and 300V. Detachable clamp-type terminals allow the use of pre-assembled wiring and make it easy to exchange devices. The power supplies are suitable for universal use in an operational temperature range from -0 to +70degC.

29 November 2010

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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