Sirius M200D motor starter is now Profienergy-compatible

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Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies has added the Sirius M200D motor starter to its Profienergy-compatible products.

Using the Profienergy profile, which has been standardised according to the Profibus User Organisation (PNO), it is possible to shut down individual machines or even entire production sections from a central control system, without external hardware, via a Profinet network.

During breaks in production, loads are shut down in a co-ordinated fashion from a central control system while other automation components remain in operation - for example, for safety-related operations. At the end of the break, the loads are switched on again in a controlled manner.

Siemens' robust and compact M200D motor starters are available as direct or reversing starters, with both mechanical and electronic switching up to 5.5kW, each with optional brake control or local handheld device.

Possible applications range from paintshops in the automotive industry through to conveying systems in airports. The devices have a wide range of functions designed to protect the motor and to diagnose and monitor the process.

Further information about the Profienergy-compatible Sirius M200D motor starter is available at

24 November 2010

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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