New UK source for conveyor rollers with Durathane coating

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New UK source for conveyor rollers with Durathane coatingR. A. Rodriguez is now able to supply conveyor rollers with Durathane coating, which is claimed to rival traditional urethane as well as providing many customer benefits. Developed by conveyor product specialist Bryant Products Inc, and initially applied to its range of pulleys, the option of Durathane-coated conveyor rollers is now available through the company's exclusive UK distributor, R A Rodriguez.

Durathane is 100 per cent solid polyurethane elastomer with no VOC (volatile organic compound) content. It is said to provide superior performance in rapid cold mould casting, conveyor roller lagging and as a protective coating system. Good adhesion to optimally prepared mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium is a characteristic of Durathane, as it is fast curing. This greatly reduces moisture sensitivity.

Available in two grades, Durathane is claimed to exceed the abrasion-resistance of carboxylated rubber, and its resistance to chemicals and UV light are also said to be superior. In comparison with other roller coverings, Durathane exhibits vastly reduced belt slippage and is not prone to dye and particle transfer. This is a common drawback when rubber coatings encounter extruded belts, often resulting in tracking problems.

Durathane is applied using a CNC-controlled process, enabling many profiles to be specified to suit customers' requirements; small batches with short lead times are easily accommodated. A key benefit of Durathane over urethane alternatives is that its application does not involve a mould. Coating is a form-following process, which means it can be applied to irregular shapes, such as tapered conveyor rollers, with far less waste. Lower cost is an obvious benefit.

According to RA Rodriguez, Durathane has already proved its value on other products in the Bryant range. And, although it is considered to be far superior to rubber, it is competitively priced against SBR or carboxylated nitrile coatings.

15 February 2011

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltdvisit website
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