Customisation service installs strain gauges inside bores

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In addition to a wide range of standard load cells, load pins and force sensors, Strainsert Inc provides a customisation service that employs the company's patented integrated strain gauge process in which foil strain gauges are bonded and sealed inside small bore holes as part of complete load-bearing components or structures that can be manufactured to customers' designs or assembled with free-issued parts.

Available throughout Europe with complete sales and technical support from Ixthus Instrumentation, this down-hole strain gauging technique offers considerable benefits for challenging environments where the embedded components remain undisturbed by the environmental conditions and provide years of demanding service. The technique also allows the measurement to be insensitive to off-centre loading, bending and extraneous load forces in load cell and clevis pin designs for high-accuracy force measurement from 100N to 5MN.

Ixthus Instrumentation has represented Strainsert for a large part of its 50-year history, with many successful applications across aerospace, medical, nuclear and offshore industries and many more. Working closely with Strainsert, Ixthus provides a complete service to solve customers' measurement problems.

18 February 2011

Ixthus Instrumentation Ltdvisit website
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