TP temperature transmitter plug saves space and cost

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TP temperature transmitter plug saves space and costifm electronic is launching the TP temperature transmitter plug. Normally Pt temperature probes are connected to a 'head transmitter' to transfer the signal but the TP temperature plug replaces cumbersome, leaky, outmoded boxes with the latest in electronics and connector technology, requiring less space, performing better and costing less.

Type TT or TS Pt 100 and Pt1000 temperature pickups are already available from ifm with an integral M12 connector, not only for ease of connection, but also sealed to at least IP67 and with a robust mechanical link. These probes can now be plugged directly into the TP, which sends the resulting measurement as a 4-20mA analogue signal back to the panel, via another M12 sealed connector. Furthermore, using M12 connectors means that the transmitter can be mounted anywhere between the probe and the panel, as space or other factors require.

The TP is a fraction of the size of a head transmitter, more robust and sealed to IP67. It can be scaled from a PC using a USB interface, as the in-built communication protocol is IO-Link; this also means that, in future, scaling instructions can be sent via other non-proprietary systems.

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