High-precision EPOS2 70/10 controller is energy-efficient

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Maxon Motor is expanding its second-generation range of Easy-to-use Positioning Systems (EPOS2) to include the popular 70/10 controller. Users appreciate the ease of use and high-precision positioning of Maxon's EPOS2 range, and now the company is introducing a number of refinements to its EPOS2 70/10 controller that make it even more versatile. Furthermore, the EPOS2 70/10 now boasts an improved efficiency of 94 per cent, which is claimed to make it one of the most efficient positioning systems in the world.

The enhanced unit is said to be particularly apt for use in the demanding automation and mechatronics industries thanks to an unusually wide variety of operational modes. These include open dual-loop positioning as well as acting as a speed controller, so loads can be placed with extreme accuracy. In addition, the EPOS2 70/10 can be used for commanding and controlling in a CANopen network alongside USB and RS232.

As a replacement for stepper motors, step-by-step movement can now be controlled directly using the Step/Direction function, while the Master Encoder Mode enables the EPOS2 70/10 to be used as an electronic gearhead.

In its Interpolated Position Mode, the EPOS2 70/10 can be used to run a path synchronously with exceptional accuracy, making it suitable for production applications.

The new EPOS2 70/10 is compatible with Maxon's brushed DC motors with encoder, as well as the EC series of brushless DC motors equipped with Hall sensors.

Maxon Motor UK sales engineer Greg Dutfield says: "At maxon we are constantly improving our products to meet the needs of the engineers who use them. This new EPOS2 70/10 can be used in more ways than ever before, so engineers can confidently use it in virtually any application they choose."

The new EPOS2 70/10 positioning controller will feature in the 2010/11 Maxon Motor catalogue, which will available shortly. To order a copy, telephone +44 (0) 1189 733337, email or go to

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