Filters protect machinery from contamination and damage

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Filters protect machinery from contamination and damageAs equipment becomes more sensitive, protecting it from the unintended ingress of particulates in air or liquids is an increasing challenge. To combat this risk, Helapet offers in-line filters that are compact and robust - and capable of maintaining their performance at 60psi and above.

Moisture damage to electrical components can be costly to repair, but protecting these components with inherently hydrophobic PTFE filters ensures that particulates and moisture are kept away so that sensitive electronics continue to perform as intended. For example, Helapet's filters are currently installed in gas analysers and air intakes to prevent moisture from damaging the sensors that monitor gas composition and level.

Standard and customised filters

Helapet has developed a range of filters that can be fitted securely inline to a variety of equipment. These help to maintain flow rates while providing high-quality protection. Helapet's ability to customise these filter devices with different connector and media combinations enables customers to select a product that is exactly right for their application.

The company says its thread connection is ideal for air and pneumatic equipment, as this provides a secure and gas-tight seal. By working with customers to develop bespoke devices, the filter's performance and design meet original needs. This enables Helapet to produce products that are right, first time.

Features of Helapet's filters include:

  • Custom connectors
  • Lightweight design and materials
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Next-day delivery of standard, in-stock products
  • Small quantities as low as 100 units available

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