Slewing ring bearings offer high capacity in compact dimensions

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Slewing ring bearings offer high capacity in compact dimensionsR. A. Rodriguez says the Kaydon HS Series slewing ring bearings deliver exceptional load and thrust with significant space savings, which makes them suitable for a wide range of medium- to heavy-duty applications. Typically these slewing rings are used in cranes, aerial lifts, digger derricks, chute swivels and industrial turntables.

HS Series slewing ring bearings are designed with a rectangular cross-section, four-point contact, Gothic arch raceways and maximum ball complement. This combination of features produces higher thrust and load capacities, which enable the bearings to accommodate moment loads of up to 190kNm (139,900 ft.lbs). Furthermore, the HS Series is claimed to provide greater stiffness than comparable bearings thanks to its lower internal diametrical clearance.

Outside diameters range from 500-1200mm (20-47inches). Configurations include internal geared, external geared and non-geared. The gears are involute stub designs with 20-degree pressure angles.

All HS models feature two fittings for lubrication and integral seals for protection against contamination. Geared races have tapped holes, while non-geared races have through holes.

The most popular HS Series sizes and types are held in stock by RA Rodriguez or are available on short lead times. Follow the link for more information about Kaydon HS Series slewing ring bearings.

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