AristoRod non-copper-coated welding wires boost productivity

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AristoRod non-copper-coated welding wires boost productivityESAB's OK AristoRod non-copper-coated welding wires offer significant improvements in productivity and quality, meaning that users can reduce the cost of manual, mechanised or robotic welding.

OK AristoRod wires are available in 15 different grades for use with normal-strength, high-strength, creep-resistant and weather-resistant steels. Customers also have a broad choice of wire diameters.

Featuring ESAB's Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC), OK AristoRod resists corrosion during storage and handling, plus it avoids the problems associated with copper coatings - such as build-ups on feed units, liners and guns. Tip wear with OK AristoRod is claimed to be as low as that experienced with the best copper-coated wires, and the feeding force is low.

OK AristoRod is very welder-friendly, producing a stable arc that results in increased welding speeds and high-quality welds with almost no spatter. These characteristics enhance productivity and quality while also reducing the need for rework and post-weld cleaning. A further advantage of the non-copper-coated wires is that they produce less fume, which keeps the working environment cleaner.

Higher productivity

One of the reasons behind the higher productivity achievable with OK AristoRod is its ability to operate with higher currents. In addition, ESAB's Swift Arc Transfer (SAT) MAG welding process enables OK AristoRod to be used at even higher wire feed speeds and arc voltages to produce flat welds with good penetration and no undercuts.

OK AristoRod is available on adapter-free spools or in Marathon Pac 250 and 475kg bulk drums. To meet the needs of customers demanding the ultimate in productivity, OK AristoRod can be supplied in Endless Marathon Pacs for non-stop delivery of welding wire to the welding head. This totally eliminates downtime for spool changes. Follow the link for more information about OK AristoRod non-copper-coated welding wires

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