PowerCut cutting packages are powerful and portable

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PowerCut cutting packages are powerful and portableESAB is introducing the lightweight and portable PowerCut 900 and 1600 packages as the latest additions to its PowerCut line of manual plasma cutting packages. They are claimed to make cutting easier and more economical thanks to design features that simplify operation, reduce set-up time and enhance consumable life.

These new PowerCut models are said to offer the highest speeds and thickness capabilities in their class, as well as high duty cycles, for outstanding productivity and performance. Through a combination of long parts life, high speeds and simple torch design, they are claimed to give the lowest cost per metre of cut of any machine in their price class.

The power source is contained within a durable, housing that resists damage, corrosion and weather. The sensitive internal electronics are suspended from the aluminium frame and insulated from shock and vibration. Silicone-sealed switches are also immune to corrosion and dust/dirt infiltration.

A quick-disconnect torch simplifies dismantling for storage, repairs or replacement by a mechanised torch. A digital readout shows the exact pressure or amperage, as well as codes to assist in troubleshooting and, therefore, reducing downtime.

Factory-friendly features

Blow back technology eliminates high-frequency start-ups that can disrupt CNC controls and nearby computer systems. An automatic function senses which cutting mode is in operation - normal cutting, gouging and grate cutting - and adapts the machine's operation accordingly.

Additional features include a side-mounted automatic fan control that runs the fan only when necessary to conserve energy and reduce ingested dust and dirt. A built-in power line conditioner protects against damage from power line noise and spikes, even with poor quality power. The torch wrap and spare parts kit holder provides for convenient storage of the torch and spare parts in the consumables box.

The PowerCut 900 cuts 22mm thicknesses and the 1600 cuts 38mm thicknesses. A 'Plug N Play' mechanised option transforms the manual cutting system into a powerful mechanised system for a gantry machine.

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