Dover MAB-100 air bearing stage offers ultra-high precision

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Heason Technology is introducing the Dover MAB-100 high-precision, single-axis, linear motor-driven air bearing stage. With a 100mm travel range, nominal overall accuracy of one micron and a choice of resolution options from 5 microns to 5 nanometres, the compact MAB-100 can eliminate the unwanted motion characteristics associated with contacting bearing systems such as friction and hysteresis, and delivers exceptionally precise positioning with outstanding straight-line motion, high stage stiffness and rapid dynamic performance.

Aimed at nanometre-level positioning applications in life sciences, data storage, semiconductor and other market segments where uncompromised motion performance is essential, the MAB-100's non-contact brushless servomotor features a moving magnet design that, together with the fixed linear encoder read head, eliminates the need for wear-prone moving motor cables. The non-contacting motor, encoder and bearing set enables operation in clean rooms and ensures an extremely long working life with minimal maintenance - which contributes to an impressively low cost of ownership for advanced manufacturing or cutting-edge research applications.

The MAB-100 is also available as a 'Smart Stage' HRC version that includes a high-performance servo drive and motion controller. The fully integrated assembly adds less than 60mm to the overall stage length and requires only a 24V DC power supply and an RS232 serial connection for configuration as an intelligent slave to a host computer, or as a programmable standalone controller capable of auto-running sophisticated motion sequences.

Both versions of the MAB-100 include over travel limits and end stops, and the linear encoder includes provision for a home position to auto-datum the stage on power up.

Stage range

The complete Dover range spans medium to very high precision grade linear and rotary positioning stages that include both air and mechanical bearings with linear and rotary servo drive technologies; from single-axis ball screw-driven tables to multiaxis gantry systems.

Heason works closely with Dover and a small selection of global distribution partners to provide a comprehensive range of motion control components in combination its own in-house design and assembly capability. This value-add service provides complete motion systems that facilitate the advanced positioning performance its customers in industry and research demand in order to excel in their own areas of technological expertise.

Dover's recent decision to appoint Heason as its exclusive UK distribution partner follows a long and successful history with the product line culminating in the recent appointment of Jason Breslin to head Heason's technical sales team. Breslin joined after several successful years with Newport-Spectra Physics as part of Heason's continued strategy to build upon its market position as a premier European designer and manufacturer of mechanical and electronics-based motion control systems for manufacturing and research. Contact Heason for more information about these capabilities or to ask about the Dover MAB-100 high-precision, single-axis, linear motor-driven air bearing stage.

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