New EHEDG-certified liquid level probe for hygienic environments

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New EHEDG-certified liquid level probe for hygienic environmentsSick is launching the new LFP EHEDG-certified liquid level probe for use in hygienic environments such as those in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The fluid level sensor, which is manufactured from FDA-compliant materials, features a level display, level measuring and overfill/demand indicator in a cost-effective, durable and highly versatile device.

Darren Pratt, the UK instrumentation product specialist at Sick, says: "The LFP has a robust design specifically developed to increase service life and functionality. If required, the customer can trim the probe to the exact length needed; this, combined with its interchangeable connection concept, makes the LFP exceptionally adaptable and easy-to-use. The probe is also maintenance-free and quick to commission, allowing customers to make significant savings in terms of time and cost."

Measurement range

The probe, which can be deployed in both conductive and non-conductive liquids, uses a field-proven Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) system to provide both overfill/demand indication and continuous level monitoring signals. The device has a standard measuring length of between 300–2000mm, with a deadband of only 25mm.

In addition, the LFP boasts a wide range of interchangeable process connectors, such as Triclamp, DIN 11851 and DIN 11864 to meet the connection requirements of different industries.

The probe has a process temperature range of -20 to + 150degC and processes pressure up to 16bar for unrestricted use under CIP and SIP (cleaning-in-place and sterilisation-in-place) conditions. The LFP is also protected to IP67 and IP69K for caustic washdown routines, and does not require recalibration if the vessel fluid changes.

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