New Z-wedge vertical stage for nano-scale positioning

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Nanomotion, a leading manufacturer of piezo-electric motors for precision motion control applications, has added a new Z-wedge vertical stage to its FB range of compact nanometre-level positioning mechanics. Available in the UK through Heason Technology, the new vertical stages complement a modular and compact range of linear, rotary and goniometric stages that together provide multi-axis and nanometre-level translation in all six degrees of freedom.

The new FBZ075-10 has a classic upper and lower wedge design featuring a precision-grade crossed-roller bearing arrangement that maintains excellent stage stiffness, with a side-mounted ceramic motor driving the bottom wedge via a ceramic strip. A linear encoder, available with optional resolutions from 5 to 100 nanometres, is mounted directly on the vertical translation element to eliminate potential wedge angle errors. The moving top plate has full and easy access from all sides and measures 75mm x 75mm with a maximum height of 48mm. The compact FBZ stage has a vertical travel range of 10mm and a load-carrying capacity of 2kg.

Heason explains that the FB range utilises Nanomotion's HR series high-force ceramic motors providing a wide dynamic speed range from a few microns per second up to 250mm/s - with very high acceleration characteristics. Aimed at demanding ultra-high-precision applications such as semiconductor, biomedical and opto-mechanical systems, the technology has no intrinsic magnetic field or moving parts and is well suited to ultra-clean and vacuum environments. Ceramic motor technology essentially has built-in braking and holding capability and is an excellent choice where high-stiffness motion control needs to be combined with fast settling times and in-position stability.

FB series linear positioning stages are available in travel ranges from 20mm to 300mm with direct load ratings to 3.75kg. With goniometric style rotary stages available as well as full rotary models, users can arrange multi-axis positioning mechanics around a central pivot axis with angular resolution down to a few arc-seconds. Customised linear, rotary and Z-wedge stages are also available from Nanomotion, with modified features to exactly match application requirements for OEMs and system integrators. Dedicated 20kHz servo drives from Nanomotion, or other compatible drives from Heason, are available, together with a complete range of motion controllers for nano-scale positioning.

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